New Marston: 1861 census

The only part of New Marston that existed at the time of the 1861 census was the house at the end of King’s Mill Lane and a group of eight houses adjoining the brick kilns on the east side of the Marston Road and known as Tilehouse Cottages. These came under the parish of St Andrew’s Church in Headington. The farm called “Jack Straw’s Castle” is also listed in the New Marston section of the census.

Marston Lane

King’s Mill
TURNER John Head M 56 M Groom OXF Thame
TURNER Martha Wife M 57 F – BRK Drayton
TURNER Mary Daur U 20 F Dress Maker OXF Oxford
TURNER George Son U 18 M Ap. Tailor OXF Oxford
TURNER Kate F. Daur - 14 F – OXF Oxford

BUSBY John Head M 61 M Agricultural Labourer OXF Stanton St John
BUSBY Jane Wife M 51 F Agricultural Labourer OXF Kirtlington
BUSBY Sarah Daur U 17 F Agricultural Labourer OXF Stanton St John
BUSBY Charles Son - 14 M Agricultural Labourer OXF Stanton St John
BUSBY Joseph Son - 11 N Agricultural Labourer OXF Headington

1 unoccupied

LONG Frederick Head M 40 M Agricultural Labourer BRK Marcham
LONG Lavinia Wife M 30 F – OXF Oxford
LONG Lavinia L. Daur – 3 F – BRK Cumnor
LONG Frederick H. Son – 4m M – BRK Cumnor

2 unoccupied

GARDNER Robert Head W 58 M Brickmaker OXF Wroxton
GARDNER Sarah Daur U 21 F – OXF Adderbury
GARDNER Robert Son U 18 M Brick & Ag. Labourer OXF Adderbury

RODGERS Thomas Head M 36 M Milk Man (Vendor) OXF Headington
RODGERS Philis Wife M 37 F – OXF Norton
HAMMANS John Lodger U 27 M Brick Maker WIL Highworth

TRINDER David Head M 49 M Brick Burner OXF Headington
TRINDER Harriet Wife M 43 F – OXF Headington
TRINDER Mark Son U 19 M Shoeing Smith OXF Headington
TRINDER Hannah Daur – 14 F House Servant OXF Headington
TRINDER Harriet Daur – 12 F Scholar OXF Headington
TRINDER Mary A. Daur – 8 F Scholar OXF Headington
TRINDER Clara Daur – 6 F Scholar OXF Headington
TRINDER Alice Daur – 4m F – OXF Headington

Jack Straw’s Castle
PLOWMAN John Head W 54 M Farmer of 105 Acres employing 5 Men, 1 Boy OXF Oxford
BICKERTON Annie Daur M 21 F – OXF Oxford
BICKERTON Alice Visitor U 19 F – OXF Oxford
BAXTER Frederick Servant U 20 M Porter WIL Swindon

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