Oxfordshire Family History


Almost everything you could wish to know about genealogy in Oxfordshire is on the GenUKI page for Oxfordshire, but listed below are some of the main points.

OXSIL (Oxfordshire Surname Interest List)

You can find out if anyone else is researching your Oxfordshire surname on the OXSIL website.

Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS)

The OFHS website offers a wealth of useful information, including how to obtain Oxfordshire parish records on microfiche.

University of Oxford
Parishes of Oxfordshire

The OFHS site above has two useful on-line maps showing the parishes of the whole of Oxfordshire and of the City of Oxford.

Parish churches in the diocese

To find out if an Oxfordshire parish church has a home page, go to The Oxfordshire County Council website has a wealth of useful pages hidden away about schools, cemeteries, libraries, and other general information. If you are only interested in the city of Oxford itself, the Oxford City Council website can be useful too: use the search box.

Oxfordshire Heritage Search

Search most Oxfordshire sources (including the Oxfordshire Photographic Archive) in one go with the Oxfordshire Heritage Search

Oxfordshire History Centre

The Oxfordshire History Centre in Cowley holds

  • primary source material, such as original parish registers, school log-books, and church papers
  • secondary sources, such as censuses on microfiche, directories, printouts of parish registers, and photocopies of maps.
Local Oxford city newspaper

The Oxford Mail archive only goes back to 1998, but can give you interesting information about people in the county who currently bear your surname. Early newspapers are available on microfilm on the top floor of the Central Library and at the Oxfordshire History Centre in Cowley. They have over a hundred local titles published since 1643. The only ones properly indexed, however, are the issues of Jackson’s Oxford Journal from 1753 to 1790.


This excellent archaeological and historical journal about Oxfordshire is gradually being put on line, and the index of all its articles is available.


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