Schools in Headington area

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Headington Schools Partnership

Independent Schools
  • Headington School, London Road and Rye St Antony School (RC), Pullen’s Lane:
    these two schools are to merge in 2024 and become Headington Rye School : see Headington School's announcement (with questions answered at end of page). The new Headington Rye Prep will be fully co-educational from September 2024 operating from the current Rye site.
  • Magdalen College School, Cowley Place (for boys aged 7–18):
    one mile down the hill from Headington, this is the nearest independent school for boys
  • EF Academy, Cotuit Hall, Pullens Lane (IB and A-level diplomas, for foreign students)

Primary Schools in Headington & Marston (ages 5–11)

* Also Nursery School

Secondary Schools in Headington & Marston (ages 11–18)

Other educational establishments in Headington & Marston

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